How we work

We create sustainable growth and value in the company as an active majority shareholder.

The daily management of the company has the operational responsibility within the current strategy. We contribute by creating a clear strategic direction for the company's sustainable growth and development.

We spend the time necessary with the daily management in order to obtain a common understanding of the mission and vision as step one.

Step two we address the following questions to mark out the strategy of the company:

  • Which are the overall ambitions of the company => identifying the ultimate results we want to achieve in the company
  • Who does the company exist for => identifying the customer base
  • What do we offer to our customers => identifying the company’s core business and value proposition
  • How do we operate the company => identifying the structure, processes, capabilities and values

Hence, companies owned by HMIG are operated and developed in accordance with our structured analysis and strategy model for sustainable strategy and business development, the HMIG Model.

The HMIG Model helps us and the daily management to organize the company around its primary value proposition to its customers and to engage all employees to understand the underlying principles of the work they produce in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of the company’s core business.

To us active ownership means also an ongoing dialogue with the daily management and the other co-shareholders about the execution of the strategy.

Therefore, we have regular follow-up meetings between the board meetings, and we also contribute actively in solving specific tasks when it makes sense.