Mission and vision

We believe that every company must have a purpose - a mission that is bigger than just making money. Making money is an obvious objective, however, for us our mission is to go beyond just this having an ethical and social significance in how we conduct our business.

HMIG’s mission

Through a value-creating and active majority ownership, we develop successful and sustainable Danish companies with an innovative product base and contribute to create a better society in growth.

Further we believe that every company must have one or more general ideas as how to pursue its mission relentlessly – expressed in terms of the company's vision.

HMIG’s vision

We create results in the companies through a respectful collaboration between the owners, the management and the employees based on the values of autonomy, competence and meaningfulness within the context of the overall strategy for each company.

We organize the companies around one value proposition and one core and through continuous improvement we strive for sustainable growth of the company.

We operate and develop ethically and socially the companies in accordance with standards of good corporate governance.