Who we are

HMIG is a privately-owned firm investing in well-managed small and medium-sized Danish companies. We were founded in 2001 in connection with the acquisition of Scanbur A/S Karlslunde, B&K Universal AB Stockholm and B&K Universal A/S Oslo.

HMIG is managed by CEO and Owner Henrik Møllegaard and Investment Partner Kenneth Vendelbo Schnoor. Together we are a skilled management team having begun our collaboration in 2008 where we successfully developed and applied an operating model, the HMIG Model, to the above companies. In just six years the value of the group was increased by more than tenfold. Today HMIG owns a minority stake in the group following a highly successful exit in 2014.

By working with the existing managerial team and employees we promote, and advocate, a culture of engagement and involvement where constructive dialogue and feedback facilitates a mutual connection to goals. Initiating this process is our starting point before any decisions on the further implementation of our HMIG Model are made together.

The companies we invest in are:

  • B2B industries and/or trading companies with an innovative product base, with
  • Revenues in range of 25-100MM DKK, currently operating at profit, and have
  • A well-established business model and organization

We aim to partner, as an active majority shareholder, with the right companies to support the day-to-day management where via a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship long term added value and sustainable growth is achieved in accordance with standards of good corporate governance.